Salesperson’s Exam Prep Course

If it's a COACH you want with 30 years of real estate teaching experience to streamline your learning rather than just an online course to work through on your own, PLEASE CALL ME and I'll tell you what I can do for you!  I'm one of the few schools in Wisconsin NOT affiliated with a specific real estate company and have coached students from 55 (fifty-five!!!) different real estate companies throughout WI in the last year!

I look forward to speaking with you!   Laurel Stone  920-428-0146

"I contacted Laurel on a whim and a week later I was enrolled in her online course! Two weeks later, I had passed the state licensing exam! I could not have done it without her tutelage and the excellent support she provided through her course. I would highly recommend anybody considering obtaining a real estate sales person license contact Laurel Stone!"      ~~~A satisfied student speaks! 


Laurel Stone School of Real Estate partners with the Wisconsin Realtors Association (WRA) to provide students choices to study in a way that best suits their needs.

Utilizing the Wisconsin REALTORS Association Online or On Demand Course, courses approved by the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services), students can choose between completing the course entirely online (On Demand Course) or by having printed books (Online Course) included with the course.

With each course, students may attend any of the Exam Prep LIVE classes offered at Stewart Title (click for info), 1000 W Wisconsin Ave. Ste 7, Appleton, WI 54914  (click for map)

The two online options, which can be started anytime and are not linked to the class dates, are:
This program is entirely online and includes printable reading materials. There are 14 chapters along with story problems, pre-exam review and a final exam. Each chapter is set up with a video, true/false, vocabulary, case studies and quiz section. At the completion of the course, the student prints the Certificate of Completion.. Students will have six months from date of registration to complete the program.
The fee for this program includes a Course Book and a Pre-Exam Review book which are shipped to the student. The student reads a chapter, logs onto the website to complete quizzes and other exercises and may review the video clips. At the completion of the course, the student prints the Certificate of Completion. Students will have six months from date of registration to complete the program.

LIVE In Person CLASS Option:

By participating in either of the above options (On Demand or Online Course), you are invited and encouraged (but not required) to attend any in-class LIVE sessions.  You will need to bring a computer to these session to be able to access the book, forms and other material reviewed in class.

There is homework which will take a few hours each day that is accomplished by answering quiz questions online through the WRA website.

Dates of these monthly sessions which are held 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for 2 consecutive weeks, are as follows:

Please note:  Due to COVID-19, courses may not be held.  Call for more info.  

        2020 - September 15-17, 22-24
        2020 - November 10-12, 17-19

If you are planning to attend a class session, do  not wait until the last minute to register as there is limited space and the class may fill up. 

After signing up for either the Online or On Demand course, you may start at any time because neither is associated with the specific dates listed above.  

TAKE NOTE:  Should any class have insufficient enrollment, I reserve the right to cancel that class. You will have the option to attend future classes or complete the course online.

  • $325 $299.00 - On Demand Course (all materials/and books are online)
  • $425 $399.00 - Online Course (includes printed materials, a course book and a pre-exam review book)
Payment is by credit or debit card. Please keep reading for link to pay and register.


Click a link below to pay (after reading the following information).
  • Please be aware there are no refunds after materials have been ordered. 
  • Also, be aware that the course expires 6 months from the date it’s ordered.
Copy and paste the info below with your information and send in an email to (do not TEXT me this info):
  • Name 
    • Legal FIRST name:
    • Legal LAST name:
    • Middle initial if you use one:
    • Nickname if you have one:
  • Address
    • Street address (no PO Box):
    • City:
    • Zip code:
  • Gmail address to use for the course (Click here to create one if you need one):
  • Mobile phone number:
  • On Demand (no books) or Online (books) Course:
  • Will you be attending a class session, if so, which one:
  • How did you hear about me (name of firm/agent referral, past student (name), internet search, etc.):
  • Are you now associated with a firm or know the firm you will be associated with (name please):
When I get your payment and the above information, your materials will be ordered and an email sent with instructions on how to begin even BEFORE your materials arrive if you ordered the books.  

Registering is not an automated process and requires manual ordering of your course so while I strive to do this as soon as I receive your payment, it is not automatic. If you haven’t heard from me in 24 hours, please contact me.

Once I place your order with the WRA, you will have access to the online portion of your course and if you ordered books, they will arrive in a few business days.  You will receive notification from the WRA and emails from me about getting started.  To get you started with an understanding of how to approach the course, what to focus on and what to not worry about, I will be asking you to schedule a time for a 30 minute phone conversation. 

If you have questions feel free to contact me (Laurel Stone) at 920-428-0146).  If you call and don't get an answer, please hang up and text or email. If you text or email and haven't heard back within 24 hours, please contact me again. Numbers may have been entered incorrectly or words misspelled and then there are also unexplained computer and phone glitches which we all are familiar with!


and are ready to register, 
CLICK A LINK BELOW for the ONLINE (books) or 
ON DEMAND (no books) option.
Note:  One of these courses must be ordered in conjunction with the live course.


  • I PASSED the exam!  And.. I know I could not have done it in 2 weeks without your audio recordings and explanations!
  • I have had an excellent experience with your materials and appreciate the organized, succinct material in your course.  Thanks for your expertise! 
  • I felt fully prepared and I attribute that to not only the material but also how quickly I moved through the course. 
  • Thanks for all of the work you've put into the class.  The materials and audio of the classes are so well thought out and organized.
  • The class has been great and very easy to follow along. Thank you  
  • Thank YOU for your excellent online course! I used everything you supplied and it all was very very useful to my learning! 
  • The course and your support was an excellent experience. Well laid out and constantly updating and improving. Thank you! 
  • Your class has taught me a lot. I'm gonna make the best out of this!  Again, Thank you so much! 

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