What People Are Saying!

In the past I had bought and sold numerous homes and I thought I had a pretty good understanding of how real estate worked. I choose to attend Laurel's class because I heard she had a unique way of teaching and that her class was enjoyable. When I attended the class I found out that despite the fact I had bought and sold homes I knew very little about real estate. Laurel incorporates real life stories into the course material which helps make learning easy and the class fun. After attending the live class the test was not a problem and more importantly I learned a great deal. I would recommend the class to anyone choosing real estate as a career or anyone who is looking to buy or sell real estate for themselves. For someone who is looking to get their real estate license Laurel has and almost 100% pass rate for the exam and someone looking to buy or sell a home the class is an inexpensive way to ensure that you are getting the most out of your real estate transaction.
......Rich Van Sistine, The Werth Team, RE/MAX Valley Realtors

"The knowledge I gained from Laurel's class has been invaluable to me. I did not get a license but an extremely glad I attended the class and would recommend it to anyone who wants to understand what to expect when buying or selling real estate."
………Larry Carey

Laurel Stone made studying for the Real Estate exam fun and interesting. With her insightful lesson plans I was fully prepared to test for my agents exam and passed the first time with ease. I would highly recommend to anyone interested in taking an agent or broker course call Laurel and take her course.
......Rob Moxon, Coldwell Banker Door County Horizons

It's been 10 years since I took my prelicense sales and broker class from Laurel Stone and from time to time I am reminded of things I learned there. Laurel teaches what might otherwise be tedious information with illustrative anecdotes from her own experience, as well as the experiences of other real estate professionals in her network of friends, colleagues and former students. It's a testament to the style and substance Laurel brings to her class that such a high percentage go on to pass the licensing exam.

Laurel's class was fun and engaging, and I made friends there that I stay in touch with to this day! When anyone asks me where to take a real estate class, without hesitation I tell them their first call should be to Laurel.
.....Laura Ann Day, Broker/Associate, Adashun Jones Real Estate, Oshkosh

Laurel teaches with an excellent style of communication in her classes. She treats every question and concern on an individual basis and really gets to know her students. She keeps her class sizes small and personal and focuses attention on helping her students pass the real estate exam. I took her pre-license class eleven years ago and came back for the Brokers class. She hasn’t changed a bit. She still offers a quality educational experience that is affordable and timely. Thank you Laurel!
......Kevin Nordahl, True North Real Estate, Door County

If you are wondering if Laurel Stone’s School of Real Estate is worth the money, take it from me! YES, more than you’ll ever know. After doing the video tapes and taking the test for the second time, I called Laurel in tears and asked her if I could come to her class. Not only did I pass the exam with true confidence and knowledge, I went back a few years later and took her Broker’s class and passed the exam on the first try. It’s not just passing the exam which I want you to understand. A lot of people just aren’t test takers. The most important reason that I would recommend Laurel to you is that you walk away truly understanding what she has taught you. Once you have the license, you really need the knowledge for your success in your business, not to just pass the exam. Thanks Laurel!!! You are a huge part of my success!
....Sue Shortall, Door Real Estate, LLC, Sturgeon Bay

When Laurel’s students begin working with Century 21 Acre Realty we have not found it necessary to review the material that is covered in Laurel’s pre-license class. It is very unusual for one of Laurel’s students to fail the real estate exam the first time. I know many successful real estate agents in the area who have fond memories of starting their real estate career in Laurel’s class.
....Jack Drzewiecki, Co-owner, Century 21 Acre Realty, Appleton

I took both Salesman and Broker classes through Laurel Stone School of Real Estate. Her ease of teaching, knowledge of the subject, and real life experiences, made the course both educational and fun. The state exams were a breeze because of her. I highly recommend her school to anyone pursuing a career in real estate.
....Tom McCrory; McCrory Properties L.L.C., Oshkosh

I have invested in real estate for a long time and done OK. However, once I took Laurel's training I realized how much money I had left on the table over the years! Laurel's training is invaluable to the home buyer, investor or anyone interested in a new career. Her training is fun, informative and timely. Thank-you Laurel.
.....Noel Marshall, REMAX